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Tansy Spinks, seaNOISEsea, 2010, still

from video of performance piece,

with collaborator Antoine Bertin,

Redsands Seaforts,

Satellite Programme,

Whitstable Biennale, 2010.

Watch the full video here



Fuite, 2013, still from video

Jivko Darakchiev




Project Management & Support


We work with you to plan, develop, fundraise for and manage arts and cultural projects or initiatives.


We can deliver Public Consultation or Audience Engagement Events and Commissioning, Professional Development or Mentoring Programmes.


Our Principles for Project Management


Our success in delivering project management initiatives has been by working with stakeholders to apportion time and responsibilities, maintaining the scope and quality of initiatives, making best use of resources and money within a clearly defined but flexible management framework which takes appropriate account of risk. more



Successfully balancing the needs and expectations of stakeholders, participants and beneficiaries


Resources and Money

Making best use of the skills as well as the financial resources of projects,

ensuring that these match the project scope


Time and Responsibilities

Identifying and apportioning tasks, duties and responsibilities between us,

stakeholders, participants and beneficiaries



Ongoingly identifying, agreeing and appraising risks, so that they can be effectively managed with the project stakeholders


Quality and Success

Defining quality and what success will look like, and effectively implementing agreed quality standards to meet the needs of stakeholders,participants and beneficiaries

  • James Shea Consulting is currently working with curator and artist Christine Gist on 'Playland', a commission and public engagement programme in Sussex and Kent centred on the work of international film and video artist Jivko Darakchiev
  • In 2015-16, we project managed 'Reading the South' on behalf of East and West Sussex Libraries, a reader development campaign involving 15 contemprary authors, which engaged hard to reach audiences from across Sussex. The project was a collaboration between the two county council library services, third sector and commercial providers  more