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Organisational Development & Change Management


James Shea Consulting offers flexible packages of direct support to cultural organisations of all sizes undertaking periods of change, development or renewal.


In a changing political and funding climate, we can help your organisation undertake a formal Organisational Development Review to help redefine its future strategic direction or renew its operational systems or governance model.


We can also assist your organisation to implement change. We offer Interim Management Services to help manage key periods of transition. We can also provide practical support in incorporation, in applications for charitable status or in the re-organisation of Board and Executive Teams.


We provide one-to-one advice or Mentoring for managers and Bespoke Training Packages for Staff, Boards or Volunteers - supporting individuals or teams to realise their potential through growth and development.

  • In 2013-16, we worked with local authorities in East and West Sussex to develop Creatives Across Sussex, a new independent entrepreneurial arts development agency for the counties. Our work included the scoping of income streams, operational, management and governance systems, interim management services and the development of a three-year business plan
  • In 2014 we worked with Fuse Medway Festival to produce a blueprint for its next five years of development. The consultancy considered Fuse’s value to artists, its local and regional audiences, its two main funders and its future development both within the context of Medway and the broader outdoor arts sector.
  • During 2013 we worked with PVA MediaLab / LabCulture Ltd in Bridport, Somerset to deliver a formal organisational development review that incorporated a detailed re-appraisal of the organisation’s strategic market position, programme, geographical remit, skills-base and partnership


Whispering Woods, a large-scale outdoor choral project at Bignor House, Pulborough as part of the West Sussex Ahead of the Game Festival, 2012

Little Cauliflower, The Machine, Fuse Medway Festival, 2014

Harminder Singh Judge, The Modes of Al-ikseer, PVA MediaLab, 2010

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